“When Mom came to stay with us for a while, we began looking for someone who could help share the caregiver responsibilities.  I picked up the Companion Care brochure from an assisted living facility, not knowing we would receive a caregiver AND a real companion all in one.  The caregiver provided Mom with easy conversations, transport to appointments and fun dining out experiences, as well as light housekeeping, and seeing that she took her medicine and moved around safely.  The Companion Care interview process was thorough enough to know exactly what was needed to provide quality service and meet all our needs.”  — Anonymous


Companion Care offers wonderful care partners and they also have very experienced and helpful Care Managers.  The Care Managers are very knowledgeable about senior care.  They came out regularly to assess the care needed for our parents, made doctor’s appointments and talked to the doctors regarding prescriptions and medical supplies that were needed.  I don’t know what we would have done without them, as my husband and I lead busy lives and definitely needed their expertise.  We highly recommend Companion Care to all of our friends in need of family assistance and care.  We will never forget the love and support we received from Companion Care.”  — Ken and Joyce Bobek


“My caregiver is an angel in disguise; she’s one of the best things that ever happened to me.  She can adapt to anything so pleasantly and she always has a great big smile.  I am particular about how the house looks and I told her the other day that maybe that was silly.  But she said, ‘If that’s what you want, that’s what we’ll do.’  I had a stroke in October and I have exercises to do from rehab.  She does them right along with me.  I do them on the bed and she’s next to me on the floor.  I’m learning to dress myself and she’s so encouraging.  She lets me do what I can do, but if she sees I can’t, she’s right there to help me.  I hope people realize there’s still some kindness in the world, some trust and security.  Older people like me feel dependent and it’s such a drastic change.  If you have someone who cares about you, it helps a lot.”


“I am very happy with Companion Care services.  They are helping me to organize my life with my best interests in mind.  I look forward to seeing my caregiver.” B.G.

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