A quote from Marcus Annaeus Seneca:

  “Throughout your life, there have been and will continue to be inevitable factors which you simply cannot control or change.”

For example; the fact that a loud booming noise will wake you up at 2am, or that the weather will change and suddenly start to rain on your Sunday picnic. While you cannot stop these events from occurring, you always hold the power to alter your attitude toward them. You cannot fix the past, you cannot tell the future. The beauty of life lies in the moment. Life is constantly unpredictable, and change is necessary to grow.

     Speaking of life’s fickle nature: your own health depends so largely on your attitude towards it. What are you putting into your body? How is it affecting you as a whole? What could you do differently to improve your health and turn it around for the better? You are worth it; here are some simple tips that can really make a difference:

1.) Did you know that vitamin rich foods such as carrots (containing vitamin A) and spinach (containing lutein and zeaxanthin) offer rich anti-oxidants which help to protect you against the protein breakdown and oxidative damage that leads to the development of cataracts?

2.) Doing things in which you can apply your strengths gives you a sense of meaning and purpose. The process of finding these strengths and learning how to harness them for your own happiness can be a most rewarding experience for your mental well being. To take an assesment in order to get you on the right track, visit: www.authentichappiness.org

3.) We are not our memories, nor our past, and identifying with them as if they were who we are only creates tension. This kind of negative attachment to the past will drain our sense of liveliness and ultimately impede our health. Live for today!

References for this post taken from Well Being Journal, Vol. 19, No.5 

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