Many of the seniors who are Companion Care clients have experienced muscle loss for years. This starts when most of us are in our forties and accelerates with age. Some take prescription drugs as partial remedy and everyone is encouraged to “use it or lose it” – in other words, muscles atrophy when not used.

Medical researchers have long looked for ways to avoid muscle loss, and now they have found one very simple answer: apple peels and green tomatoes. It seems that both contain the right amount of ursolic acid and tomatidine, which can reduce transcription factor ATF4, a key component in age-related muscle loss.

Researches at the University of Iowa discovered the correlation between these fruits and the lack of certain chemicals in aging muscles. After two months of feeding mice with a special diet it replaced the missing ursolic acid and tomatidine. The mice increased muscle mass by 10% and even more significantly, muscle strength by 30%.

It certainly seems that an apple per day is a very good idea.