The first Companion Care was founded in Lafayette, California in 1997 by Jan Schuh’s daughter, Barbara.  She had developed an interest in Judaism and made several visits to a nearby Jewish synagogue.  On one of her visits, she befriended Ruth Steiner, a Holocaust survivor.  Ruth had become a philanthropist and initially hired Barbara as a personal assistant to handle her donations.  As Ruth aged, Barbara became her caregiver.  Soon another friend of Ruth’s, Lori, also a Holocaust survivor, asked for Barbara’s care giving services.  When yet a third person requested her services, Barbara decided to start a home-care company.

Seven years later in 2007, Barbara called her then 69-year-old mother, Janet in Albuquerque, and told her: “Mom, you’re in good health and have lots of energy. Why don’t you open a Companion Care in Albuquerque? I will help you get started.”  The result was that Jan, her daughters Barbara and Paula, and daughter-in-law Monique, joined forces to open Companion Care in Albuquerque. Jan and Paula are still the owners of the company.

Twelve years later, Companion Care’s newest client is 97-year-old Josie, a Hungarian survivor of a Nazi concentration camp. Josie was fortunate enough to escape from the camp after two brutal years. She hid in a nearby forest for a month before being found and rescued by American soldiers.

Companion Care is honored to have the opportunity to support Josie and her family and help her to feel safe and secure in her home.