Since the beginning of Companion Care, when Janet Schuh started the company side-by-side with her daughter, Paula Schuh, we have strived to provide a consistently professional and holistic alternative to traditional assisted living facilities and the like. We train our care companions to see each of our clients as a whole, to take great care of their integrity and support their independence. All the while, our clients are rightly afforded the great privilege of remaining in their home, surrounded by the identifiable familiar. We support our care companions with trainings on all levels of professional holistic practices and methods of care. Care companions from Companion Care are bonded, insured and are considered indispensable team members. We appreciate our clients and employees because we know through experience that genuinely caring about someone and supporting them transcends all limits of adversity.

Companion Care offers an initial consultation free of charge. We also provide personalized client/care companion pairing. In addition to the care companion, a care consultant is assigned to each case; further guaranteeing and overseeing the client’s security. Companion Care is privately held and operated to this day; serving the greater Albuquerque area to the East Mountains.

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Companion Care, LLC
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