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Good Habits to Protect Your Brain from Alzheimer’s

Studies on brain health show there is growing evidence that people can reduce their risk of cognitive decline by embracing healthy lifestyle habits. Combining these good habits will achieve maximum benefit for the brain and body. The Alzheimer’s Association reminds us that it is never too late or too early to incorporate healthy habits into […]

Thoughtful Design to Help Those with Alzheimer’s Age in Place

A recent article in The Philadelphia Inquirer quotes an interior designer who shares information she has applied to make it easier for her father who has Alzheimer’s to live comfortably and safely in his home. Mary McCreesh is not only a designer, but is also an aging-in-place specialist. What she has learned in her line […]

Caregivers Can Help Keep Wanderers Safe

There are many challenges that come with Alzheimer’s disease, and wandering is one of the most disconcerting for families and caregivers. When loss of memory and the resulting confusion sets in, those with Alzheimer’s may find themselves lost and unable to find or receive help, even if the surroundings were at one time familiar. According […]

Parkinson’s a unique challenge for families and caregivers

In a recent presentation in Albuquerque, health psychologist and neurologist Dr. Carol Mazurowski talked about the challenges for families and caregivers in supporting Parkinson’s patients. Over one million Americans have Parkinson’s, more than those with MS and ALS combined. Complicating the challenges faced by individuals with Parkinson’s is the reality that 30% also have accompanying [&he...

The Importance of Caregiver Communication Skills

There are several ways to define communication, but one of the best is exchanging information with others. It’s not about you – giving your opinion or stating your feelings. In many ways it boils down to the ability to listen. At Companion Care we provide ongoing and monthly trainings in practical skills. One of these […]

Dementia-Like Symptoms Could Be Vitamin B-6 Toxicity

Several months ago I started to see Dementia-like symptoms in my Dad. Dad turned 84 last month. I feel that the symptoms appeared rather suddenly, and then reached a critical point on the day he wasn’t able to set the microwave to make hot water for his tea. Dad has been heating his water in […]

Alzheimer’s Whisperer – 5 Keys

By Brenda Avadian The Alzheimer’s Whisperer has the unique ability to communicate with, care for, and comfort a person with Alzheimer’s while preserving her own well-being. First there was The Horse Whisperer, then The Dog Whisperer, and The Ghost Whisperer. I wonder when will we see The Cat Whisperer? While waiting, I met a unique […]

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