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Good Habits to Protect Your Brain from Alzheimer’s

Studies on brain health show there is growing evidence that people can reduce their risk of cognitive decline by embracing healthy lifestyle habits. Combining these good habits will achieve maximum benefit for the brain and body. The Alzheimer’s Association reminds us that it is never too late or too early to incorporate healthy habits into […]

Safety and Communication – Two Reasons to Find a Solution for Hearing Loss

Many of us have friends or parents who are hard of hearing. It is not only a challenge in everyday communication and personal safety, but recent studies have shown that hearing loss can exacerbate the development of dementia. This is another reason why solutions should be pursued to improve hearing if possible. Hearing aids work […]

Ways to Fight Elderly Isolation

All over the United States, geriatricians and other health and social service providers are growing increasingly worried about loneliness among seniors. Their concerns are fueled by studies showing it is linked to serious health problems. Research shows older adults who feel lonely are at greater risk of memory loss, heart disease, strokes, and blood pressure. […]

Post-Acute Care Patients Stay Happier and Healthier With In-Home Care

Our country is rapidly aging. The numbers of those over 65 years old will increase from 14.8% of the population (2015) to 18.8% of Americans in 2025. This growth is a huge increase from 47.7 million to 65 million, many of whom will need post-acute care. Current Medicare spending per beneficiary aged 75-84 is 70 […]

Caregivers Can Help Keep Wanderers Safe

There are many challenges that come with Alzheimer’s disease, and wandering is one of the most disconcerting for families and caregivers. When loss of memory and the resulting confusion sets in, those with Alzheimer’s may find themselves lost and unable to find or receive help, even if the surroundings were at one time familiar. According […]

Companion Care Celebrates the Holidays

On December 20th, Companion Care celebrated the holiday season with a party for its caregivers and clients. Our training room was transformed by our staff “elves” into a party room and buffet, complete with Christmas trees, lights, and other holiday embellishments. The menu included Jan’s homemade chicken stew, Wray’s minestrone soup, Martyne’s buttermilk biscuits, Marianne’s […...

Companion Care Awarded “Best of In-Home Care in Albuquerque”

Companion Care is pleased to be rated by local families as “The Best of In-Home Care in Albuquerque” for 2017 by This designation is awarded to fewer than one percent of providers nationwide. In other words, the families we serve think we’re terrific! recognizes senior living and in-home care providers who receive consistently […]

Osteoporosis Risk Factors & Prevention

Few of us worry about our bones’ fragility until a fracture occurs. While osteoporosis cannot be cured, new treatments are being developed and approved as this disease increasingly affects our aging population. Dr. Maja Visekruna, MD, CCD, makes the point in a recent article in the Minnesota Health Care News that the more we build […]

Is Multi-Generational Living Right For Your Family?

In recent years, more and more families have found it to be advantageous to include several generations under one roof. In addition to one or two parents, the household may include younger children, children who have graduated from college and/or are working, as well as grandparents. There are pros and cons to combining multiple generations […]

Companion Care – a Fastest Growing Company in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Business First recognized the 2016 Fastest Growing Companies in Albuquerque on August 12th, at a tribute and luncheon at the Hotel Albuquerque. This recognition of Companion Care’s growth over the last three years acknowledges that we have accepted the challenges created in our recessionary economy. We were one of only two healthcare companies among […]

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