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Fall precautions for seniors can save lives

In the newest issue of Prime Time Monthly, Eugene Sun, MD, President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico, talks about the importance of fall prevention, particularly for the elderly. People of all ages can fall but the risk of falls for seniors can have especially serious consequences. A bone fracture is the […]

Beginnings of Companion Care – Serving Holocaust Survivors

The first Companion Care was founded in Lafayette, California in 1997 by Jan Schuh’s daughter, Barbara.  She had developed an interest in Judaism and made several visits to a nearby Jewish synagogue.  On one of her visits, she befriended Ruth Steiner, a Holocaust survivor.  Ruth had become a philanthropist and initially hired Barbara as a personal assistant […]

The Importance of Caregiver Communication Skills

There are several ways to define communication, but one of the best is exchanging information with others. It’s not about you – giving your opinion or stating your feelings. In many ways it boils down to the ability to listen. At Companion Care we provide ongoing and monthly trainings in practical skills. One of these […]

The Value of Our Elders

Companion Care believes in the value of our elders. Recently, when Pope Francis was visiting Brazil, he made a comment to the people saying “Honor your Elders, do not put them away like hanging an old coat in the closet.” Sad to say, many of our elders do feel like they have been put away in […]

Quality In-Home Care Reduces Hospital Re-admissions

By Amy R. Blosch, Senior Care Consultant and Case Manager for Companion Care of Albuquerque, NM. Subjective: 90% of re-hospitalizations within 30 days are a result of clinical deterioration. Clients released to their homes often experience a lack of support, supervision, care and maintenance. The estimated cost of re-admissions reaches 12 billion dollars annually. MedPAC […]

Hiring a Caregiver… Is it Safe?

This is certainly a loaded question, and the answer requires looking at three things: the Person, the Payment and Protection. The Person. There are four common sources for caregivers: a family member; neighbor or friend; a private caregiver; or an agency. You can find incredible people from any source, but it is recommended that – […]

Alzheimer’s Whisperer – 5 Keys

By Brenda Avadian The Alzheimer’s Whisperer has the unique ability to communicate with, care for, and comfort a person with Alzheimer’s while preserving her own well-being. First there was The Horse Whisperer, then The Dog Whisperer, and The Ghost Whisperer. I wonder when will we see The Cat Whisperer? While waiting, I met a unique […]

In home Non-medical Care is the best answer

  In home non-medical care can be the best answer for all involved.  It is hard to know where to turn when a family realizes that their loved one can no longer manage on their own.  So many factors come into play: is there a family member who has the time and patience to be […]

Do you know the specifics of Mom & Dad’s pension plan?

We all know that financial planning for the retirement years is important.  Most of our parents were fortunate enough to have worked in an era where the pension was alive and well.  As the children of aging parents, we know that it is important to be well informed on the financial health of Mom and […]

How do you choose a reliable caregiver?

The decision to hire a caregiver for a loved one can be difficult.  Where do you look to make sure that you find a caregiver who you can trust to provide reliable care.  What questions should you ask of a prospective home care provider?  The National Private Duty Association suggest the following questions: How do […]

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