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Is Your Lighting Keeping You Awake?

Sleep can be a problem for adults of all ages, but elders can be particularly affected. Lack of continuous sleep for at least seven hours a night can cause a variety of health issues. Some seniors, particularly those with dementia, may become agitated at night. Recent studies are helping concerned family members to tackle this […]

Ways to Fight Elderly Isolation

All over the United States, geriatricians and other health and social service providers are growing increasingly worried about loneliness among seniors. Their concerns are fueled by studies showing it is linked to serious health problems. Research shows older adults who feel lonely are at greater risk of memory loss, heart disease, strokes, and blood pressure. […]

Positive Thinking and Patience – Keys to Good Health

In a recent article in Venture Inward Magazine, Dr. Josephine B. Adamson talks about some of the things she’s learned over her years of practice. “We have come to expect instant gratification, but our bodies don’t heal instantly,” relates Dr. Adamson. She gives an example of a recent concussion experienced by her seventeen-year-old son, who […]

Falls are the Biggest Reason Elders Lose their Independence

Falls by older adults are the main reason why seniors lose their independence. New Mexico has one of the highest fall-related death rates in the U.S. Only 25% of those who are hospitalized due to falls return to their homes. However, falls do not have to be a ‘normal’ part of aging, according to fall […]

Reverse mortgages may be seniors’ solution to retirement cash short-fall

Many retirees are finding themselves in need of cash as retirement can stretch into 20 or 30 years – or longer. A possible solution is the reverse mortgage, which is getting another look from financial experts. This type of loan can be a safe income source that that homeowners short on savings who want to […]

Sepsis infections a risk not only for seniors

This spring there were numerous stories in the media about the passing of Oscar-winning actress Patty Duke, star of TV’s “The Patty Duke Show.”  Many of these articles mentioned that Ms. Duke died as a result of sepsis from a ruptured intestine. Her death announcement was a major milestone for sepsis awareness. According to Thomas […]

Jan Schuh – A Senior with Heart Supporting Seniors

All the hearts of Valentine’s Day remind us that February is a month celebrating not only love but also the loving people who give of themselves to make others lives better. Jan Schuh started Companion Care in 2004 when she was 69 years old. That’s the age when most elders are thinking more about retirement than beginning a […]

Do You Have a Virtual Will?

Hazel Thornton, the CEO at Organized For Life, was recently the guest speaker for Women Make A Difference, a monthly networking luncheon in Albuquerque. Her topic was: “Who will check your email when you die?” A professional organizer extraordinaire, Hazel began by telling us about an annual Facebook reminder to wish a friend well on […]

Jan Schuh profiled in her hometown paper

  At the age of eighty, Jan Schuh runs circles around her eight children and just about everyone else. On a recent visit to her hometown of Valders, Wisconsin, the local newspaper caught up with Jan and got her to sit still long enough to do an interview. The subject was her recent award as […]

Companion Care founder Janet Schuh honored as 2015 Woman of Influence

The founder of in-home care company Companion Care was honored on March 12th as a 2015 Woman of Influence by the Albuquerque Business Journal. Janet Schuh was one of over 400 nominees chosen by a panel of judges to be part of  a select group of thirty women honored at the awards banquet attended by 600 […]

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