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Osteoporosis Risk Factors & Prevention

Few of us worry about our bones’ fragility until a fracture occurs. While osteoporosis cannot be cured, new treatments are being developed and approved as this disease increasingly affects our aging population. Dr. Maja Visekruna, MD, CCD, makes the point in a recent article in the Minnesota Health Care News that the more we build […]

Companion Care Rides the Wave at Employee Health Fair

On October 28th, the City of Albuquerque hosted its annual Employee Health and Benefits Fair at the Convention Center. An estimated 700 city employees attended and were able to receive free health screenings and information. The theme of this year’s fair was “Riding the Wave of Health.” Companion Care was one of nearly 100 exhibitors […]

Is Multi-Generational Living Right For Your Family?

In recent years, more and more families have found it to be advantageous to include several generations under one roof. In addition to one or two parents, the household may include younger children, children who have graduated from college and/or are working, as well as grandparents. There are pros and cons to combining multiple generations […]

Thinking ahead – Bathroom accessibility alterations

As the baby boomer generation gets older, many are thinking ahead to the future. An accessible bathroom may make the difference between being able to stay in a long-time home, or having to move to somewhere more functional for changing needs. Remodeling a bathroom before it’s needed can make a bathroom work better not only […]

Knowing Your Meds – Helpful info for Parkinson’s Patients

On August 20th the New Mexico Parkinson’s Coalition sponsored a very informative workshop for Parkinson’s patients and caregivers, hosted by the Highland Senior Center in Albuquerque. The two pharmacists who shared their time and expertise were Emily Reynolds and Doreen Rosenberg. Ms. Rosenberg has personal experience with Parkinson’s herself as well as her experience as […]

Falls are the Biggest Reason Elders Lose their Independence

Falls by older adults are the main reason why seniors lose their independence. New Mexico has one of the highest fall-related death rates in the U.S. Only 25% of those who are hospitalized due to falls return to their homes. However, falls do not have to be a ‘normal’ part of aging, according to fall […]

Reverse mortgages may be seniors’ solution to retirement cash short-fall

Many retirees are finding themselves in need of cash as retirement can stretch into 20 or 30 years – or longer. A possible solution is the reverse mortgage, which is getting another look from financial experts. This type of loan can be a safe income source that that homeowners short on savings who want to […]

Fall precautions for seniors can save lives

In the newest issue of Prime Time Monthly, Eugene Sun, MD, President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico, talks about the importance of fall prevention, particularly for the elderly. People of all ages can fall but the risk of falls for seniors can have especially serious consequences. A bone fracture is the […]

Sepsis infections a risk not only for seniors

This spring there were numerous stories in the media about the passing of Oscar-winning actress Patty Duke, star of TV’s “The Patty Duke Show.”  Many of these articles mentioned that Ms. Duke died as a result of sepsis from a ruptured intestine. Her death announcement was a major milestone for sepsis awareness. According to Thomas […]

There is no time to waste with a stroke

According to the American Stroke Association many people having a heart attack or a stroke wait for more than two hours before getting help. The result is that they do not get the right lifesaving treatment in time. Why would someone wait to get the medical help they need? Often the answer is that they […]

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