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Good Habits to Protect Your Brain from Alzheimer’s

Studies on brain health show there is growing evidence that people can reduce their risk of cognitive decline by embracing healthy lifestyle habits. Combining these good habits will achieve maximum benefit for the brain and body. The Alzheimer’s Association reminds us that it is never too late or too early to incorporate healthy habits into […]

Integrative And Complementary Medicine In Healthcare

Companion Care is a member of the New Mexico Association for Continuity of Care (NMACC) an organization that supports individuals who care for the elderly. Every month NMACC presents a speaker to educate the membership on one of the aspects of supporting senior health. In January the speaker was Dr. Arti Prasad, the Division Chief […]

An Apple a Day Can Help to Keep Muscle Loss Away

Many of the seniors who are Companion Care clients have experienced muscle loss for years. This starts when most of us are in our forties and accelerates with age. Some take prescription drugs as partial remedy and everyone is encouraged to “use it or lose it” – in other words, muscles atrophy when not used. […]

Companion Care team walks for ALS

On a recent beautiful autumn Saturday, nearly 1500 volunteers in the Albuquerque community raised over $150,000 to support ALS research. A team of caregivers at Companion Care, along with their family members, were a part of this effort, contributing $1,500 to the goal. The owners of Companion Care, Janet and Paula Schuh, also donated all […]

The Value of Our Elders

Companion Care believes in the value of our elders. Recently, when Pope Francis was visiting Brazil, he made a comment to the people saying “Honor your Elders, do not put them away like hanging an old coat in the closet.” Sad to say, many of our elders do feel like they have been put away in […]

Quality In-Home Care Reduces Hospital Re-admissions

By Amy R. Blosch, Senior Care Consultant and Case Manager for Companion Care of Albuquerque, NM. Subjective: 90% of re-hospitalizations within 30 days are a result of clinical deterioration. Clients released to their homes often experience a lack of support, supervision, care and maintenance. The estimated cost of re-admissions reaches 12 billion dollars annually. MedPAC […]

Hiring a Caregiver… Is it Safe?

This is certainly a loaded question, and the answer requires looking at three things: the Person, the Payment and Protection. The Person. There are four common sources for caregivers: a family member; neighbor or friend; a private caregiver; or an agency. You can find incredible people from any source, but it is recommended that – […]

Dementia-Like Symptoms Could Be Vitamin B-6 Toxicity

Several months ago I started to see Dementia-like symptoms in my Dad. Dad turned 84 last month. I feel that the symptoms appeared rather suddenly, and then reached a critical point on the day he wasn’t able to set the microwave to make hot water for his tea. Dad has been heating his water in […]

In home Non-medical Care is the best answer

  In home non-medical care can be the best answer for all involved.  It is hard to know where to turn when a family realizes that their loved one can no longer manage on their own.  So many factors come into play: is there a family member who has the time and patience to be […]

Do you know the specifics of Mom & Dad’s pension plan?

We all know that financial planning for the retirement years is important.  Most of our parents were fortunate enough to have worked in an era where the pension was alive and well.  As the children of aging parents, we know that it is important to be well informed on the financial health of Mom and […]

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