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Temporary Hospital Dementia

Have you ever experienced your mother, father or a grandparent who suddenly became very disoriented and exhibited all the signs of dementia during a hospital stay due to an injury or illness?  I have.  It happened two years ago when my father developed a serious infection that went to the blood.  During his stay in […]

Support for a caregiver whose spouse has dementia

Spousal caregivers often don’t get consistent help from other family members. They often feel they need to go it alone. Yet, there are resources out there to assist such caregivers. You can contact us at Companion Care or log on to “” for more information. Companion Care has trained caregivers who can provide respite care […]

Celebration of Earth!

  We at Companion Care celebrate one of our deepest connections to our planet: food.   A balanced diet is something that we ask our care partners to focus on when they are in the kitchen and shopping with their clients.   And just as a balanced diet is important for our health, a sustainable diet […]

Nurse requirements prior to Civil War

“No woman under 30 need apply…All nurses are required to be very plain-looking women.  Their dresses must be brown or black,  with no bows, no curls, no jewelry and no hoop skirts.”  (Dorothy Dix)  In addition, they were required to bring letters of recommendation from their pastors!  (From : “We Are Our Mother;s Daughters” by […]

Threat to elderly worries families

Threat to elderly worries families Home » News » Dunedin By Elspeth McLean on Sat, 6 Feb 2010 News: Dunedin | ODHB Families are already expressing concern about the possibility of telephone interviews to reassess elderly relatives’ need for housework help, Age Concern Otago chief executive Susan Davidson says.This follows discussion at this week’s Otago […]

Fall prevention: 6 tips to prevent falls

    Falls put you at risk of serious injury. Prevent falls with these simple fall-prevention measures, from reviewing your medications to hazard-proofing your home. By Mayo Clinic staff Fall prevention may not seem like a lively topic, but it’s important. As you get older, physical changes and health conditions — and sometimes the medications […]

How Do You Know You Need a Caregiver For Your Parent?

By Sheila Moody More than just a practical consideration, this question usually triggers us to consider that our parents will not be here forever… and then as a natural segue, it’s also a reminder of our own mortality. Not easy thoughts – ones we’d usually rather avoid, but at the same time, unavoidable, because the practical implications […]

How Do I Choose the Best Caregiver Agency?

If you need to choose a caregiver agency, the task may seem overwhelming. There may be many options and you may not know how to make the best choice. There are, however, several criteria that you should consider to make sure that the services you need are those that you receive. Begin by considering exactly why […]

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