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There is no time to waste with a stroke

According to the American Stroke Association many people having a heart attack or a stroke wait for more than two hours before getting help. The result is that they do not get the right lifesaving treatment in time. Why would someone wait to get the medical help they need? Often the answer is that they […]

Wheelchair etiquette includes respect and consideration

There are three big NOs to be aware of when interacting with a┬ásenior — or anyone else — in wheelchair. Do not “talk down” to them. In other words, do not stoop over or lean down, talking to them as you would with a small child. Stand facing them and conversing as you would with […]

Who Watches Over Mom and Dad When You Go Home

We are well on our way into the year 2014. The holidays are behind us, and now it is time to get back to our daily lives. Did you notice any changes in your Elder loved ones during the holidays? We tend to spend more time with our elder parents during this time of the […]

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