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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your care companions bonded and insured?

A: Yes, care companions are bonded and insured and are covered by Liability Insurance, Workmen’s Compensation Insurance and Unemployment Insurance.

Q: How are care companions supervised?

A: Each care companion is trained and supervised by the care consultant who oversees the service plan for the client.

Q: What happens if a care companion does not show up for a job?

A: Companion Care hires mature individuals who take their responsibilities seriously.  In case of an emergency, another qualified caregiver or a care consultant will respond.

Q: To which professional organizations does Companion Care belong?

A: Companion Care is a member of the Home Care Association of America, New Mexico Association
for Continuity of Care, New Mexico Home and Hospice Care, National Aromatherapy Association, Albuquerque Better Business Bureau, Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance and Women Entrepreneurs.

Q: Are care companions employees or independent contractors?

A: All care companions at Companion Care are employees. Companion Care pays not only taxes and insurances, but also provides an IRA benefit to care partners.

Q: Do you care for persons with dementia?

A: Yes, our care companions are trained prior to working with dementia clients. We also provide regular trainings to all caregivers to improve  their communication skills with persons with dementia.

Q: Who pays for your services?

A: Most services are paid privately. Other compensations may come from Long Term Care Insurance, Workmen’s Compensation and/or Veteran’s Benefit.

Q: Is Companion Care a Franchise?

A: No, Companion Care is a locally owned and operated business, run by a gerontologist.

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