Our Mission

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Caring for our elders is a responsibility
that brings happiness

Companion Care provides experienced and trained caregivers in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho

Our mission is to support our clients to enable them to stay independent, healthy and safe in their own homes.

At Companion Care, our Care Companions are trained to work with clients with varying challenges, from physical impairments to memory loss and cognitive decline.

Our approach to elder care is holistic, focusing on mental, emotional and physical wellness.

We can support individuals recovering from injuries and surgeries on a short or long term basis.

Our professional caregivers can offer respite to family caregivers who need a break from daily 24/7 care for their loved ones.

Regular visits can be a way for out-of-town family to be assured that their loved one is safe and cared for. Family members can also access an online portal to read daily care notes and check schedule details.

By encouraging healthy nutrition, regular exercise and social and emotional connections, we empower our clients to live happier lives.

The benefits of Companion Care’s holistic approach include:

  • Creating a sense of well-being
  • Alleviating stress and anxiety
  • Promotion of faster healing
  • Improvement of circulation
  • Relief from muscle tension and stiffness
  • Supporting exercises to promote joint flexibility & range of motion

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When you need a hand …we’ll be there.


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