In home non-medical care can be the best answer for all involved.  It is hard to know where to turn when a family realizes that their loved one can no longer manage on their own.  So many factors come into play: is there a family member who has the time and patience to be a caregiver, is the loved one in another city, how are we going to pay for care,  Mom or Dad is not ready to leave their home. All of these questions and more can be handled with the help of a professional care manager helping the family through these life changes.

A family caregiver is frequently the first step that many families take.  While it can seem to be a low cost option, it can quickly take it’s toll on the family caregiver who makes significant personal and financial sacrifices in order to care for a loved one.  Depression and Stress affect over half of all family caregivers resulting in weakened immune systems and sleepless nights.  It is also frequently a learn as you go endeavor.  Engaging an in-home non-medical agency early on to give the family caregiver respite from day to day demands of being a caregiver can actually save you money in the long run by extending the time that a family caregiver can care for a loved one effectively.  Caregivers need a life too, and an agency caregiver can help you live your life without resenting your family caregiver position.   Most in-home agencies are available for as little or a much as you need.

The greatest benefit to engaging an agency caregiver early on is that your loved one will be more comfortable when they are in need of more intensive care. Throughout this cycle, an agency can give you professional guidance concerning the needs of your loved one through in-home assessments, regular care management and on-call emergency support.  Make sure that the agency you hire is a member of the National Private Duty Association.