In recent years, more and more families have found it to be advantageous to include several generations under one roof. In addition to one or two parents, the household may include younger children, children who have graduated from college and/or are working, as well as grandparents.

There are pros and cons to combining multiple generations in a household. One advantage is that there is economy in numbers; including only one rent or mortgage payment instead of several to pay. Another is that live-in childcare is an option. For the seniors in the household, having younger members able to do tasks that may be challenging for them is a big advantage. Being able to provide some help to a parent is a big consideration for many families.

Before combining households, there are a number of things that should be considered:

  • Are there enough resources to take care of a senior who may have health or mobility challenges?
  • Should the senior move in or should the family move into the senior’s home?
  • How will joint expenses be handled?
  • Will everyone in the household have enough privacy and personal space?
  • Are any physical alterations necessary in the house to accommodate the needs of a senior with present or future mobility challenges, for example, wheelchair access or grab bars?

The comfort and safety of a senior, especially one who has health challenges, is key. In many cases, families want to be able to provide care for a parent and the easiest way to do that is by living in the same house with them. However, the practicality of this desire should be honestly addressed by answering the above questions.

Whether you decide to combine households or to maintain separate homes, consideration should be given to providing some respite for live-in family caregivers. Often the needs of a parent become a seven-day a week responsibility. When juggling work and possibly children and other responsibilities, a family caregiver sometimes feels they have no time left for themselves. Burnout is a common problem. Giving oneself a break several times a week or a few hours every day can make the difference between surviving and thriving.

This is where bringing in an in-home care service provider such as Companion Care can keep everyone well-rested and healthy. A professional, experienced caregiver can make a huge difference. For more information on respite care in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, please call 505-293-5858.