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A Proud and Independent Elder? 

Would a “Personal Care Assistant” be a solution for a parent’s need for in-home assistance to maintain their health, safety and independence?

Is this loved one too stubborn, proud or independent to accept help from a “caregiver”? One of the most frustrating issues family members can face is the realization that an elder needs help, but refuses to even consider it. Sometimes they are in denial regarding their actual physical health and strength. This can be exacerbated by the beginning stages of memory loss or dementia. They may have undiagnosed dementia and therefore do not realize that they need help.

A Far Away Elder

Sometimes family members hire personal care assistants to keep an eye on parents who live far away. The family can feel reassured knowing that a trained assistant will check in on their loved one regularly and also keep the family updated.

Personal Care Assistant Tasks

Personal Care Assistant tasks may include:
– Help with paperwork ‘overwhelm,’ sorting, tossing.
– Housework tasks that are getting increasingly difficult (such as stripping linens and changing a bed)
– Escort and assist with groceries and other shopping
– Escort to doctor appointments and take notes.
– Meal preparation for those not interested in cooking.

Signs of Need

Some of the signs that your loved one may need personal care assistance:
– Forgetting or skipping doctor’s appointments
– Clutter that reflects the person’s inability to keep up with incoming mail and paper
– Recent fall or falls due to trying to do things that they are physically no longer capable of doing
– Weight loss due to not getting enough nutrition or needing assistance to shop for groceries

A New Approach

Companion Care offers a different approach: We can suggest a “Personal Care Assistant” instead of a “Caregiver”. This approach can be successful when a frail elder does not believe that they need a caregiver, but acknowledges that they “could benefit from a little help.”

One of the benefits to starting some in-home care assistance early on is that your loved one will be more comfortable and be able to better adjust when they are in need of regular care support.

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