I have the privilege as a care companion at Companion Care to holistically enrich the lives of people in need of anything from exercise assistance, bathing, and medication reminders to house cleaning and meal preparation. Yet I find that the simple but somehow extraordinary act of genuinely listening to the stories and feelings of a client has surely been one of the best ways to improve their mood. When I listen to the stories of one client in particular, I cannot help but feel compelled to listen intently. Not only because of the enthusiasm I see come over her, but also because these stories are alive and well within her spirit. These stories are proof that she led a life of honest work, love, and joy. It’s the little things that stick with us, and I am reminded of how important those little things are when I listen to her. She says she never thought about getting old; that she lived every day as she wanted to. She accepted challenges and no matter what, she says, “I always enjoyed what I was doing”.

     At ninety one, you can imagine that she has been through her share of ups and downs. She once told me that she and her high school sweet heart were married in Kansas City in 1938; how they bought a Model A Ford for $40 and moved all the way to Colorado with $60 in pocket and all of their possessions in the back seat. It’s stories such as this that remind me of what life is really about. This client still has the motivation inside of her to share these memories with others, and that is an inspirational gift I will never take for granted. After all, sharing is caring; which can create a great holistic balance in the relationship of a client and care companion.

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