Interesting Facts about Caregiving

Today we have 605 million people over the age of 60. By 2050 that will have increased to 2 billion. By 2030 New Mexico will be one out of ten states that will have more people

over 60 than under 18.

            Projected increases:   65 – 69 128%

                                                70 – 74 155 %

                                                75 – 79 160%

                                                80 – 84 196%

                                                Over 85 224%

Family Caregivers

Currently 85% of caregiving is done by a family member.  Thirty eight percent                                                                of these caregivers are over 55 years of age.  Fifty percent are employed outside the home.  Thirty five percent have children at home.

Risks for caregivers

            Increased health problems


            Increased risk of premature death for spouse caregivers

            Twice as likely to be living in poverty

Formal  caregivers  (Respite services like those Companion Care provides enable family caregivers to continue their role longer and delay institutionalization.)

There are approximately 1.85 million people employed as caregivers and by 2010 it is estimated that 800,000 home care aides and nursing assistants will be needed.

Latest trends

            Growing shift from institutional to in-home and community care.

            Movement of decision making from the professional to the recipient

Labor needs will be dependent on immigrants and people over 55.  (There

has been an increase of  42% of women between 65 & 70 and  32% of women over 70 in the workforce in the last 10 years.)

            New technologies will facilitate in-home medical care

            Need for creative approaches to Medicare and Social Security

Successful aging

  1. Do not smoke
  2. Get adequate rest
  3. Eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated
  4. Use preventative medicine regularly
  5. Practice stress management
  6. Get regular physical activity
  7. Exercise your mind
  8. Stay socially connected
  9. Flexibility in mind and body
  10. Discover the benefits of aging
  11. Cultivate enjoyable habits that happen to be healthy.
  12. Identify the opportunities in everyday life that are pleasurable
  13. Focus on possible contributions to the community
  14. Eradicate boredom