Have you ever experienced your mother, father or a grandparent who suddenly became very disoriented and exhibited all the signs of dementia during a hospital stay due to an injury or illness?  I have.  It happened two years ago when my father developed a serious infection that went to the blood.  During his stay in the hospital my 81 year old father, who was normally strong and able to function on his own, became so weak that he could not even turn over in bed.  I remember it was the second night after the initial danger was over, that he brought me to tears.  My dad was suddenly talking out of his mind.  The nursing staff did not seem concerned, nor did they tell me it was probably temporary.  I went home that night in tears, wondering what was I going to do.  If only someone had shared with me that this was a common occurrence and was normally temporary.    Two years later, my dad is just fine.  He has regained his strength, and is mentally strong.  He even has a new Saint Bernard puppy to keep him on his toes.