Socialization, friendship, interaction…whatever you may call it; companionship is a direct asset to almost everyone’s mental and emotional health. Often through life changes such as retirement, loss, and general hardship, some of us tend to shy away from seeking the attention and care we deserve. It may be a subconscious act of retreat; a last resort to preserve your life as you knew it. As life would have it, time does not stop for anyone and change is inevitable. Change is what feeds the experiences in your life; making the transient all the more dear, and reminding us that nothing is more permanent than the memories and people we’ve attached ourselves to.

     When you find yourself ready to reach out and invite healthy social change into your life , be sure to search in the right places…

1.) Be in Touch With Who You Are and What You Need

    Take time to create a list (mentally, or on paper) of what your interests are. If you like to swim, why not join a gym with a nice pool to meet others who also share such a love of buoyancy. Say, you like to read? Try visiting and find a book club in your area today!  Surely with all of the growing options out there today, nobody should have to feel alone or uncared for.

2.) Seek the Attention of a Care Companion

     Having a caregiver around does not have to be thought of as an option for those who can no longer care for themselves. Caring for yourself also means taking the right steps to insure that you are cared for properly, holistically, and genuinely. Often, this means finding a well matched care partner to accompany you along the curvy roads of life. Start by performing a local search on Google or the like. Make sure to be specific in your search and type in a list of qualities you would seek in a care companion. is a great place to learn about holistic care.